Farm Market Hours:

We are closed for the season.

Look for updates in mid-April when asparagus arrives!

Pick-Your-Own Blueberries

Mid-June to July


PYO Blueberries are out of season. Fields are closed.

We currently have three blueberry fields. Field #1 is the most mature, with the largest bushes, field #2 is middle aged, and field #3 is the youngest. Each field is appealing in its own way, and many of our customers have a favorite field. In an effort to accommodate the blueberry production along with customer wishes we move the picking location between fields 1 and 2 during scheduled u-pick hours, while field #3 is always open for those who aren’t able to pick during the regular u-pick hours.

PYO Crop Schedule

Field #1 Field #2 Field #3

Location: 130 Blueberry Lane, Corner of Benton Corner Rd and Roe Rd.

Location: Route 300 and Leager Rd

Location: At the Market

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings from 7 a.m. to Noon.

Picking in one of these fields each scheduled day. Check PYO update for exact location.

Hours: Regular Market Hours

Check In: Check in with the attendant in the field during u-pick hours. If you do not see an attendant, please call or check in at the market. Do no pick any fruit without checking in first!

Check in: Everyone should always check in at the market before picking.

Parking: Please park close to the field attendant's vehicle. Pull off the lane far enough for others to safely pass.

Parking: We do not allow cars to drive out to the blueberry field. If you need assistance getting to and from the field with your berries, just let us know and we can give you a ride in our golf cart.

Varieties: Bluetta, Blue Ray, Concord, Herbert, and Jersey

Varieties: Duke, Blue Ray, Blue Crop, Herbert, Coville, Darrow, and Elliot

Varieties: Duke, Blue Ray, and Chandler

Picking tip:
The field attendant will tell you which rows are open for picking. Please stay in the designated rows.  We ask that you choose a bush within the open rows and pick all of the ripe fruit from that bush before moving on to another bush. Pickers who “graze” through the blueberry rows, picking a few berries from each bush make picking much more difficult for others.

U-pick blueberries are sold by the pound. We provide buckets for picking, and then transfer your berries to cardboard flats to take home. You may prefer to bring your own containers to take your berries home and we encourage that.

Please keep your pets on a leash in the parking lot or open field next to the market. No pets are allowed in fields where fresh produce is harvested.

Help keep our fields nice:
Do not bring any food or drink into the field. Water bottles are OK, but PLEASE take them with you when you leave. You are welcome to picnic under our pavilion or on the front porch.